Your Company’s “Super Bowl” Ad Can Be Done On a Smaller Budget!


Your Company’s “Super Bowl” Ad Can Be Done On a Smaller Budget!

While television advertisement isn’t for most businesses (it’s far too expensive, and the audience is too broad) they are a source of amusement. We can all recall great ads we have seen…many watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials! And that’s usually where the big companies showcase their advertising creativity–and dish out the big bucks to do it. The good news is you don’t have to break your budget to be noticed.

Having your marketing be memorable is important. But even a highly memorable advertisement isn’t going to have much life past a few days or a week.  Can you even remember five of the Superbowl ads from last year’s game? Maybe one?

Small and medium size businesses can’t justify spending tens of thousands, let alone hundreds of thousands of dollars on creative work developing ads. And when you think about it, what makes more sense, having higher frequency or higher quality? No, I am not suggesting that you should put out junk, but when it gets down to it, is your business is better off with higher frequency and good quality or lower frequency and great quality? Ideally you’d love to have both, but if I had a limited budget, my choice would be higher frequency and good quality.  And of course, most small and medium sized businesses are not going to be well served by television advertising.

If you are like me, the Clydesdale ads are one my favorite of the Super Bowl, here is a video of the 2013 Clydesdale Brotherhood ad.


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