Will magnets be going away?

Will magnets be going away?


We often get asked are magnets going to be going away? Our answer is not in the immediate future. While it is true that the rare earth minerals that are used in making magnets are getting harder to come by, that only means that the cost of magnets are increasing, not that their popularity is waning.

Probably the biggest inhibitor to magnets is the increase in popularity of stainless steel appliances.  True stainless is not magnetic which means the fronts of these appliances can’t have magnets on them. That said, the sides of these appliances are still magnetic!

As we monitor sales of common magnetic items like calendars and sports team schedules we see no decline in their popularity year over year. We predict that removable adhesive decals will increase in popularity, but these have not gained as much traction in the market place as we had expected. This is mostly because we think people are still skeptical of the “removability of these types of decals”.

So in short, if you like magnets, go ahead and buy them at least for now!

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