Why Football Schedules are a Good Marketing Tool

Why Football Schedules are a Good Marketing Tool


Football schedules are a great marketing tool for a number of reasons. For one, the professional football largest and most successful sports league in the US. With that success comes with one the largest fan base of any US sport which means team schedules will be popular and desired by your clients and prospects.

While popularity and desirability are good reasons to use this for your marketing there are other reasons that using sports team schedules, and in this case football schedules as part of your marketing mix. When we discuss marketing strategy with our clients we talk about things like frequency and recency (having the right number of contacts annually to optimize your success with clients and prospects as well as the timing of those contacts.)  We also talk about having a mix of items that help you maintain top of mind awareness and others that have a longer shelf life so that you will have sustained visibility around your target audience.

A football schedule provides a longer “shelf life” than many other types of marketing pieces because team schedules span four to five months (and for other sports even longer). And while you might spend $1.20-$1.90 (depending on style and quantity of your schedule) to purchase and mail your schedules, when you divide this expense out over five months and then factor in the number of impressions you will receive and this because a very cost effective marketing tool.

Today there are more unique styles of schedules than ever including: traditional magnet schedules, laminated schedules (with or without magnets), removable decal schedules (for placement on non-magnetic surfaces like cabinet doors or stainless appliances), wallet cards and more! And the opportunity for custom designed schedules are endless…though with the economies offered by the numerous stock options, perhaps not the best use of your marketing dollar.

If you would like to know more about using sports team schedules in your marketing program or if you have questions about marketing strategies for your business don’t hesitate to contact us! You can reach Steve Bocher at 303-789-4663 x11.

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