What’s Ahead–Timely Marketing Strategies

What’s Ahead–Timely Marketing Strategies

While there are occasions when you will want to be spontaneous with your marketing to react to a unique circumstance, the core elements of your marketing program should be planned out. Please use the list below to ensure that your planning for some of the more common marketing activities that a business would engage in. (Note- Obviously this list is not intended to be all inclusive nor will every suggestion be applicable to every type of business.)

It’s the end of October, what’s ahead for your company’s marketing efforts? Here are some timely things to be thinking about…

  1. Have we figured out our holiday cards (Thanksgiving, Holidays or New Year’s)
  2. Are we doing a holiday time client appreciation gift?
  3. Are we doing a holiday time staff appreciation gift?
  4. Are we doing a holiday time management appreciation gifts?
  5. Will we being doing a holiday season customer appreciation event? Do I need invitations or favors?
  6. Do we need to plan/implement any New Year’s cards?
  7. Are we sending out calendars?
  8. Do we have any fall/winter tradeshow/events we need to plan for?

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