What’s Ahead

What’s Ahead

Summer is a busy marketing “season”, so it is important to think and plan ahead as many production facilities are running at full capacity and getting rush orders done isn’t as easy as other times of the year.

-Early order discounts available for calendars and holiday cards. The early order discounts for these items general end around July 1 so now is the time to get your orders placed.

-Football season is also around the corner and profession sports schedules are a popular marketing tool. One of the reasons sports team schedules are popular is the length of the season- typically 4-6 months. Unlike a number of marketing items commonly sent out that might only be kept around for minutes or days, the schedules have a long shelf life! Our professional team schedules typically will include up to 3 of the local colleges in the same market at the professional team.

-Planning a summer outing with your company (picnic, night at the ballpark, participation in a walk or other charity event)? How about getting everyone a t-shirt or baseball cap so your group stands out at the event. We can help you with screen printed or embroidered clothing or caps!

-Sponsoring a company team? Participating in a community event? Many companies are sponsoring employee teams- softball, kickball, volleyball…so again, why not dress them up on company logoed uniforms or t-shirts. We offer a full range of athletic clothing and uniforms so from casual to looking like a pro…we can outfit your team! Or if your company is participating in a community event—dress up your volunteers in t-shirts, caps or other apparel and increase your visibility!

-Holiday cards. Many companies are looking at holiday cards this time of year. Remember, that Catch Fire Marketing can do custom designed holiday cards that include incorporating your logo and contact information into the design of the card. We are very competitively priced for our cards…so before you order out of a catalog, talk to us!

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