What’s Ahead

What’s Ahead

Planning ahead for marketing is important! In this marketing briefing we’ll look ahead to some opportunities in the next 30-90 days. These are just some quick thoughts/ideas that you might find useful.

  • Miss anyone with a holiday gift? A New Year’s gift isn’t a bad way to start the year and it will stand out from the many other gifts they received.
  • If you haven’t finalized your yearlong marketing plan- get that done now!
  • If you hurry you can jump on a Valentine’s Day themed promotion- great to say how much you “love” your staff, referral partners, and clients/customers.
  • Think ahead to spring corporate wear/events, what clothing items will your staff need?
  • Patrick’s Day can also be a fun occasion to celebrate with employees/clients, etc.
  • How is your inventory of printed materials- flyers, brochures, folders, business cards


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