Vectorizing Your Artwork is Easy!

Vectorizing Your Artwork is Easy!

Have a logo, but don’t have it in Vector format?

Many of you are probably wondering what “Vector” means. The Dictionary defines the term “Vector” as:

Vector .eps .ai Logos Branding Graphic Design


The best of the above definition is the verb definition. A direct flight to a desired point. Your vectorized logo can take your company to where you desire to go with your marketing. Allow me to explain:

In Marketing, we do a lot of talk about “Vector Logos.” A Vector logo is best explained in geometric terms, that it is a certain type of file that allows us to scale it as large as a billboard or as small as the imprint on a pen, while keeping everything proportional on an x/y axis. While we scale, we are able to keep the full resolution intended for the print job – the logo will never loose it’s integrity because we have blown it up. Most people who are not graphic savvy have their logos saved in .jpeg or .png files. While these types of files are great for on-screen display, like when you create an e-mail signature, it is hardly a good idea to use these types of files on your printed marketing materials. In fact, many promotional products can not be produced without a vector logo file format. This type of file format is usually an encapsulated postscript file or .eps file. Other formats include the printing world’s industry standards of Adobe Illustrator files (.ai), or the less commonly used Corel Draw (.cdr).

It is important for your company’s branding and marketing efforts that you get your logo “vectorized.” With today’s technology, we can turn your hand-drawn sketch or .jpeg files in to a professional vectorized logo. This will allow you to print your logo in a high quality format on postcards, newsletters, promotional items, t-shirts, banners, and even billboards.

If you took your e-mail signature and tried to blow it up on a billboard, you would get something like this:

Marketing Vector Logos Graphic Design

Vectorize your logo and get something like this:

Marketing Billboard Vector

Don’t know how to vectorize your logo? You didn’t think we would leave you on your own, did you? At Catch Fire Marketing, we can convert most files for only $40. This will help update your company’s image as we sharpen your logo to give it crisp, clean edges. In addition, we can make changes and help you update the look and feel of your company’s branding. This is an extreme value and well worth the investment that can pay off 5-10 years down the road until it is time to update your company’s branding again. A vectorized logo can save your company time and time again, with each and every piece of marketing communications that your company puts forth. Don’t you think it’s worth it to put your company’s best foot forward?

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