Trade show marketing- Part 2

People Love Promotional Products in the Office

Continuing on with some tips on trade show marketing there are seven key areas for trade show marketing . No need to tell anyone that has been in charge of planning/preparing for a trade show how huge of a job this is…they know that already! The seven primary elements include:

  1. Pre-show marketing
  2. Trade show booth and graphics
  3. Trade show give aways
  4. Marketing materials
  5. Printing
  6. Apparel
  7. Post show marketing

Most companies end up working with three or more vendors to accomplish all these tasks. This makes the event coordinator’s job more difficult in many ways…and makes it more likely that there will be less cohesiveness in the materials since the various vendors will not know about the products that they others are creating. Catch Fire Marketing is fortunate to be able to support all these areas saving our clients time and money.

Let’s talk more about trade show give aways. One of the things that we recommend to our clients is a tiered approach to give aways. First, select an item that fits in your budget that you can give-away freely. As we have all seen, some people may like your item and ask or simply take a few of them. So select an item/budget that allows you to order an adequate quantity. Next, you can select one or two additional items that you keep under your control. These would be for prospects that spend more time with your team at the show and are deemed to be qualified prospects for your product or service. As a thank you for spending some extended time you can offer this “nicer” promotional product to them. Finally, you can have another item, perhaps equal or even higher value that you again keep under your control, that you offer to select prospects or customers that you see at the show.

This approach to trade show give aways can not only save your company money but will enable you to reward those that genuinely are prospects for your services.

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