Three Reasons June is the Best Time to Order Custom Calendars

If you have been using calendars in your marketing program or are looking to add them in 2014, consider making that decision sooner rather than later so you can save money.  The following three reasons explain how:

1)  Special Discounts!

Many calendar suppliers offer special discounts on orders placed before July 1. They do this to gauge demand for specific calendar designs that they will be printing for the upcoming season. Discounts will vary by supplier but generally range from 10-25%.

2) Delayed Payments!

In addition, some of the companies allow for delayed payments (from 30-90 days) so you don’t have to outlay cash for your calendars six months before you need them.

3) Guaranteed Programs!

Some companies even have guarantee programs so that if, for example, your phone number or address changes before it’s time to send out the calendars they will reprint the calendars at no charge!

The thing to remember about calendars is that it does what few other marketing products can offer—365 days of exposure! Calendars of course come in many formats and sizes ranging from desk calendars, calendar strips for your computer monitors, wall calendars, planners, pocket-calendars, wallet calendars, magnetic calendars and more. And despite our society’s increasing digital dependence, printed calendars are still a mainstay in homes and businesses!

Click here to see the vast variety of calendar products that are out there!


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Here’s an example of a wall calendar you can customize with your name and information.Inspiration2010.jpg

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