The Scoop on Jackets

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The Scoop on Jackets

With fall and winter weather just around the corner this is a great time to talk about jackets.

Some companies love to provide team members and even customers jackets because it creates visibility for the company. For companies not ready to provide shirts or other branded clothing items to its team can provide one or two jackets to their staff and have a “branded” look that can be used almost year round.

Of course, what type of jacket you are looking for is going to be influenced by the age of the user and their position/job duties. For instance, it seems younger people are more concerned about being fashionable than warm compared to other age demographics.

Companies, like Catch Fire Marketing, have access to a huge range of brand name and non-branded jackets at all levels. We buy directly from well known brands like Carhartt for the ultimate in workwear jacket solutions and also have technical and performance level garments for the avid outdoorsman. And of course, we also have an array of safety wear including ANSI and ARC rated garments.

In thinking about jackets, we would break down the types of jackets as follows:

Light weight- Perfect for a few months of the year to help with rain or moderate weather

Mid-weight- In many areas this is a jacket that can be worn 6 months or more out of the year. It probably isn’t going to be practical for extreme weather conditions.

Heavy weight- Again, in most areas this type of jacket will be ideal for a few months of the year to deal with more extreme weather conditions.

Workwear- Jackets that have specific safety features or are constructed especially for work enviroments.

Leather Jackets

Athletic Jackets- Includes “varsity” jackets, satin jackets and similar classic athletic styles

Like any other clothing, selecting the right type of garment is important. Purchasing a “fashion”/consumer style jacket and wearing it around a construction site and then complaining if/when it snags or tears is not very reasonable.

A comfortable team member is going to be a better employee, so it is important to make sure that the features of the jacket will match the conditions the user will be in.  So whether you need moisture wicking or water resistant or water proof features, or that the jacket will keep someone warm at different temperature levels is also an important consideration.

So if you are ready to get jackets for your team let us know and we’ll help you select the perfect jacket for your situation.

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