Stop Showing Appreciation- Part 2


Stop Showing Appreciation- Part 2

Last week we set the stage to talk about how to show appreciation.  We talked about how our appreciation efforts deserve to have a business return on our investment. We also discussed how the appreciation needs to be remembered, since out of sight is out of mind when it comes to referrals and repeat transactions.

So what exactly is a good way to show our appreciation? Well first, we need to consider why we are giving the appreciation and who is receiving it. Is it a customer? Employee? Referral partner? A casual business acquaintance? Of course, the more personal the gift the better, but that is not always practical.

Let’s make this easy. Most of us have an occasion where we want to give a $10-$20 gift. A simple thank you for something someone has done for us. Many of us have gotten into the habit of using gift cards, bottles of wine and small gift baskets for gifts of this type. But all of these are quickly forgotten after they’re consumed. Have you ever thought back and said to your spouse or friend, “I was just flashing back to a $15 bottle of wine that so-and-so gave to me.” Or have you ever thought back to a latte you bought with a gift card a few days or few weeks later? Probably not!


So what do we think makes a good gift? Something tangible, that will stay around. And even better, is when that gift can tastefully have your business name/logo on it. Is that tacky? I guess it can be…but it can also be done very tastefully. For instance, giving a nice polo shirt (from a nice quality shirt to brand name shirts like Greg Norman or Callaway), with your logo on the sleeve instead of the left chest is a “tasteful” way to give this type of gift.  There are literally tens of thousands of great gifts from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars that you can tastefully brand and give as gifts leaving you remembered for months or years…now that is a business return!

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