Social Media Marketing in One Hour

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Social Media Marketing in One Hour

Not doing much with social media yet? As much as I hate to say this…but you need to get on the band wagon. Why do I “hate to say it” because being almost 50 years old…this is my “thing”.

Clearly, this is not a fad, and while it is evolving rapidly, and will change…some aspect of social media is going to be important to your business.

How should you get started? Well there are probably five or six areas that you should be engaging in. Can you just do Facebook? Yes, but like other forms of marketing, it is not wise to put all your eggs in one basket, so I would recommend that you use 5 different mediums including:

  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • Linked In
  • You Tube
  • Twitter

The thing to remember with social media is about offering value not products or services. Thing about show casing your experience/expertise rather than trying to make a sale. Social media is about developing relationship with your audience.

So get yourself set-up with these services and then CONSISTENTLY spend one hour working on this area. You can start with one hour a week, then if you want to spend one hour 2-3 times per week…moving toward the goal of spending one hour per day.

Consider using this mix of time:

Facebook- 15 mins.
Blog- 15 mins.
Twitter- 10 mins
Linked In- 10 mins.
You Tube- 10 mins.

What should you do? Start by writing your Blog. Take a part of that content and repost it on Facebook and Linked In. Then Tweet it… Finally, create a quick video that you talk about the same subject you did your blog and put it on You Tube.

Is this easy?…Well it really isn’t hard, but like any type of program it is going to take some time to get comfortable with these processes.

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