Put Your Brand In The Hands Of Your Consumer

Put Your Brand In The Hands Of Your Consumer

What exactly are promotional products?  They are, in summary, anything you can put your name and brand on, from clothing, pens, to stress balls, mini-multi-tool key chains, to step stools.  There are over 850,000 products out there! See For Yourself. Promotional products comprise a $16 billion industry per year and that is because they are one of the most effective marketing tools available to businesses. Is this provable? Yes it is! Take a look at these facts and decide for yourself.


  • What is the recall like? 88% of people who receive a promotional product can recall the advertiser’s name. 62% report that they can recall the message.
  • Are they kept? 80% of consumers report owning between one and ten promotional products. 60% report keeping them for more than 2 years.The main reason for keeping a promotional product is its usefulness.
  • The top three categories of  products were related to computers, health and safety, and writing instruments.
  •  The top categories of products kept for retention of contact information includes: buttons/badges/ribbons/stickers/magnets, electronic devices & accessories and computer products which is the purpose 35% of consumers report as primary reason to keep a promotional item.
  •  The most frequently used categories of items are calendars/planners, computer products, and electric devices and accessories.
  •  The most often recalled products are wearables- 41%, writing instruments- 35% and drink ware- 19%
  •  54% of items are kept at a person’s home and 24% carried by the person. Only 20% of the time is a non-wanted product thrown away.
Consumers and Promotional Products

Consumers and Promotional Products

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Source: PPAI Research

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