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STOP GIVING GIFTS…That are Quickly Forgotten!

There are many reasons to give a gift- customer appreciation, employee recognition, a thank you to a colleague for their assistance. The question is are you giving good gifts? Do you get a marketing return when you give a gift? At Catch Fire, we work with our clients to find appropriate gifts that provide short to long-term business value. It is a business expense…so shouldn’t you expect a business return on that investment.

Out of sight is out of mind when it comes to business value of gifts. If you are giving gift cards/certificates or quickly consumed gifts, then it stands to reason you are not getting as much business value from your gift. Giving gifts is a great thing…and it is even better when you maximize the value from them. Let us help you redefine your gift giving strategy. Call us today and we can schedule time to discuss this with you.



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