Promotional Products Work!

Promotional Products Work!

Promotional Products Marketing

There are many ways to market your business and while some people are quick to crack a joke about promotional products, it is a $16 billion industry that is growing steadily. Why are promotional products an important part of a marketing program? Because promotional products are different that other types of marketing whether it is print, email, social media, TV, radio or anything else. What is so different? Well first, a promotional marketing item engages more of your senses than most every other type of advertising medium, by engaging more senses makes it more memorable. Second, promotional products stick around longer than most every other type of marketing which means that your message and brand won’t be gone in seconds or minutes which is the case for other types of marketing. That is not to say you should engage in other marketing programs, they all have a place in a comprehensive marketing plan, but if you aren’t using promotional products too, you are missing out!

Just the Facts!

Multiple studies over the years have confirmed the findings Catch Fire has been advising its clients. Promotional products work! In fact, here are some excerpts from some studies completed by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI).

·         Seven in ten consumers have recalled receiving at least one promo product in the past year. Of those that have received a promo product, eight out of ten own between one and ten promotional products.

·         Very few people, only one out of five throw away a promotional item, if they don’t want an item most people will give it to someone else, meaning your brand and message are still in circulation.

·         Studies have shown that about half of the consumers of a promotional item have done business with the advertiser before receiving the item. After receiving the promotional item, 85% of the consumers did business with the advertiser.

·         Regardless of whether the consumer is familiar with your brand, consumers experience a strong favorable impression of your brand after receiving a promotional item.


Promotional products can be distributed many ways- sales staff can give them out at meetings, you can have them in your conference room, you can mail them, enclose them with other packages/mailings, or you can give them away at shows/conferences/events. However they are distributed, they are definitely a smart marketing investment!

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