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Cell Phone Wallet

Cell phone wallet. Silicone adhesive.

Technology related products continue to be a strong category in the over $16 billion dollar promotional marketing products industry. Power banks and cell phone wallets are two of the top selling products in the past months. We’ll take a look at cell phone wallets in this blog.

First, why are cell phone wallets a good marketing item? They aren’t a perfect item (there aren’t any solutions that are perfect for every situation) but this one is pretty close. Any item dealing with a phone is going to bridge both personal and business use…so whether your business attracts both audiences or one, this is a good product to have your logo on. Second, cell phones are handled frequently, so unlike a number of other marketing items, this one is likely to be seen multiple times per day by users , giving you multiple impressions and therefore a ridiculously low cost per impression. (Say someone handles there phone 10x per day/that is 300 impressions per month, 3,600 impressions per year. Divide that by even $2 and your cost per impression is miniscule, .00027 per impression! That is a fraction of a penny! And given the relatively low cost of these items, the silicone style can be as low as $.800 and the fabric styles are coming down in price and can be $2.50-$3.50 depending on your quantity. This is a pretty easy item to add to your marketing mix. Also, if you want to take this item to the next level, we can now imprint these in full color, do custom dies, add wings to add functionality as a media stand…this is an exciting, evolving product! Do you want more information on these or other marketing products? Just give Steve Bocher a call at 303-789-4663.

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