Product Feature- Appreciation Gifts

Product Feature- Appreciation Gifts

What is the perfect appreciation gift? There is no such thing. The type of appreciation gift is a personal decision, there is no one size fits all solution. Would it make sense that someone selling $10,000 of services give then same gift as someone selling a $50 product? Or would someone apologizing for an error that cost thousands of dollars use the same gift that resulted in a minor inconvenience? Of course not!

So what should you consider when you select an appreciation gift for your business? Well first, even before we answer that question we need to identify the common reasons that might want to give appreciation gifts, here are few common reasons we see our clients giving gifts:

-To say thank you to a client (do you have varied levels/sizes of clients?)

-To say thank you to someone that referred business to us (again this might merit different levels of gifts based on the size of the referral)

-To say we are sorry (perhaps we made an error)

-To thank someone for doing something nice for us (vendor, employee, customer, local business)

You will see that because you have varied reasons to give gifts that you may need a variety of gifts to give based on the situation and the “size/level/importance” of the person you are giving the gift to.

Now that you understand that you may want or need different gifts for different occasions you can then start to identify the type of gift(s) you want to give. To do that though you still need to narrow down your options as there are easily tens of thousands of possible gifts you could give. We recommend that you think about these things before trying to look at specific gifts:

  1. Where do I want this person to use/see this gift? (at their office, home, car…)
  2. How much do I want to spend on this gift?
  3. Have I figured in packaging and delivery/shipping into my budget? Will I need help sending these out or can you do that internally?
  4. How many of these gifts will I need a year? (Some decorated gifts you can buy one at a time, others will require that you buy 6, 12, 24, 48, 72, 144, 200 or more at a time.)
  5. Can I use these gifts for more than one purpose? Perhaps you may only need 20 of these gifts for recognition purposes per year but you could use 30 of this same item as donations or gifts for other occasions. That would enable you to purchase 48 which is going to mean you will have a wider select and a better price per item than if you only purchased 20!

Once you answer these questions then you will be ready to start looking at specific gift ideas and selecting your appreciation gifts. At Catch Fire Marketing, we go through the process with our clients all the time. If you would like our assistance in identifying and purchasing appreciation gifts for your organization, please give us a call at 303-789-4663.

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