Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is more than just creating a logo – it’s about generating a clear branding package that flows across all of your company’s communication efforts. When creating designs for your company we keep your branding in the forefront of our mind. It is important that we not only keep the key elements of graphic design in mind, but that we follow your corporate identity system guidelines to maintain your brand. The key components we consider are:


Your company’s colors help tell the story to your clients, and it is important to be consistent. Using too broad of a color palette can confuse your customers, while keeping a consistent color palette can help them immediately recognize that the marketing piece comes from your company. If the project is for a Pantone spot color or a CMYK 4-color print process, it is important to keep your colors the same each time. A slight variation in your cyan build can throw off your entire print job, but not to worry – we’ve got you covered!


Typography is the manner in which text is arranged on a page. From display fonts to body text, your company needs to establish a guideline for consistent font use. Sure you can default to Times New Roman, but that won’t help set you apart from the competition. At Catch Fire, we consider not only the manner in which your type is laid out, but also which fonts work best together for your company’s marketing efforts.


The importance of presenting your messaging is key. Whether the emphasis is on key words or imagery; we help determine what the most important elements of your message are and how to convey that with your design and help direct the viewer to experience your marketing piece in a way that gives you the best results.

Industry Standards

A great design that does not print well is not great! It is important to understand and have the knowledge of how to produce great marketing pieces. We pre-flight all of our files, running a checklist to ensure your project will print in high resolution and that nothing unexpected pops up. We work directly with our production teams to ensure your project comes out correctly.


While there are plenty more things to consider such as use of negative space, we believe it is important to realize that each of our client’s projects are unique which is why we customize each design we do for you. Although some places offer the templated solution, we start each project from scratch to ensure that your project comes out just the way you want it. Our on-line proof system allows you to request changes to your design, and there is no limit to how many times we will revise a design–we want you to be 100% satisfied.

Graphic Design Services

Catch Fire offers graphic design services to our clients on both a project or hourly basis. Given the custom nature of design projects, please call us at 303-789-4663 to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.


Logo Design Image does matter! Catch Fire’s graphic design team is ready to help you create or enhance your company’s logo. If your logo is dated or perhaps was not optimally designed when it was first created, let us help you update your look. These projects are handled on a custom quote basis. But what we can tell you is that while other designers charge thousands for company logos our clients tell us that they have found our fees to be 50-80% lower than other quotes that they have received. Plus, because we are a full service marketing company we’ll make sure your design is practical for all types of applications from print, promotional marketing to apparel. To get your order started…simply click on the link below!

Personal Logos  Whether you are a small business or independent sales professional having an updated brand is important! For sales professionals like Realtors, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, having a personal brand makes you the focus of your marketing not your company. While your company is important, people are buying you and your services. A personal brand or SLOGO (personal logo) changes the priority of your marketing so that you are the focus and your company affiliation is secondary. A personal brand also allows us to create a suite of products with that branded look to give you continuity in all your marketing activities. This could include: business cards, thank you note cards, stationery, listed/sold cards, property flyers, property feature cards, and more! The best part…it is not that expensive. We have been able to assist most of our clients with a great looking, professional personal brand for much less than they expected, and much less than what many other design companies are charging. Branding Features:

  • Helps ensure YOU are remembered
  • Provides you with a “theme” which you can use consistently with your other marketing
  • Gives a more professional look

Pricing: Personal branding projects are time based. But we have been effective in creating personal brands/slogos for most of our clients for between $250-$500. We are happy to develop more intricate designs for you, your team or your company, and will provide you with a custom quote for these projects.

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