Personal Branding: What you should consider in 2014

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Personal Branding: What You Should Consider in 2014

At the dawn of a new year, people often make new year’s resolutions. The same is true for corporations, whether they focus on profits or branding. What about service providers, real estate agents and sole practitioners? While branding your company may be a priority, it is important to consider your personal brand, as your customers probably think more about you than your company. Or, perhaps it is time to set a goal of building personal relationships with your clients and here are some ideas to help you achiever your New Year’s goals.

In 2014, I want to become more professional. Building professionalism is a never ending exercise in your career. There are several ways to build your professionalism, using simple marketing techniques that don’t have to cost a fortune. Is your business card up to date and look like it is from this decade or is it from 1978? Updating the look of your business card can be a fresh way to keep up your professional appearance. With all of the finishing options that are available there can be many solutions to creating a great look at affordable prices. Speaking of appearances, is it time to acquire branding clothing? Wearing a logoed dress shirt can increase your overall perceived professionalism. It shows that you are dedicated to what you do and you aren’t afraid to show it!

In 2014, I want to build and maintain better client relationships. As the marketing experts, we are often approached by our clients who ask us how they can get more customers. While there is no single formula to magically whip up new leads, or to turn those leads into dollars in the bank, there are proven methods of marketing that can improve your relationship with your clients. Become the expert in what you do – and share your expert information with your clients! Sending monthly postcards or newsletters helps keep you in touch with your customers and gives them “Top of Mind Awareness” that you are the go-to professional when they need “x.” But aside from mailing programs, pick up your phone and reach out to your client/customer base. There is never any harm in asking your customers how their vacation went. In addition, giving gifts of appreciation such as 2014 Rockies baseball magnet schedules or other promotional marketing items show your customers that you cared enough about them to include them. You can make a huge impact without having to break the bank. Consider items that have a long shelf life – a Rockies schedule can stay in front of your customers for months at a time!

 In 2014, I want to work on my social media presence. Unless you were born this year, you probably know the importance of maintaining a social media presence. While Facebook can allow you to make a business page to communicate with your friends via social networking, it is still important to work on your individual profile page. Seeking and accepting friend requests should be at a minimum a weekly endeavor. The professional social media site, LinkedIn, seems to remain the constant favorite for professional networking. More recently, sites such as Tumblr and Instagram have gained popularity and it is almost always a good idea to follow the popularity trends on-line. I would emphasize keeping your personal brand in mind while social networking – it is probably not a great idea to post things that are too personal when your friend base is reaching for a professional audience.

There are lots of ways marketing can help build your personal brand. Navigating the world of marketing without an expert on your side is like a blind man sailing a boat through the Bermuda Triangle. Don’t put your personal branding until February – speak to a brand consultant today and allow us to help you strategize your marketing efforts for 2014 and beyond.

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