Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients create and implement marketing strategies that grow their sales and improve customer retention.”

One of the things Catch Fire Marketing tries to do is… everything!

By being your full service marketing company, we take care of your print products, mailing programs, promotional items, and apparel all while helping you brand your company through solid graphic design standards. We think it is important that your company’s marketing efforts make sense, so we can take you through the planning stages and you get the best value for your budget. Although we can certainly sell you just about anything your company needs, we are not about just taking your money – we want to ensure that anything you do with us will be worthwhile to your company’s goals. The effectiveness of your marketing efforts matters more than having a cool gadget or a pretty printed piece of collateral. At Catch Fire, we strive to bring you the best marketing solution for any project, and are willing to sit down with you and help you plan.

Implementation is Key

Over the years we have found that businesses that work consistently with a single marketing service provider improve implementation. Having a company like Catch Fire Marketing that can help plan and execute a marketing program from start to finish increases the probability that it will get fully executed and typically reduces the cost. A great plan without follow through is not going to propel your business to the next level. Let us help you take your business to the next level!

Stay In Touch Programs

We help you create and implement stay-in-touch programs that enable you to have the amount of visibility you need to grow sales and maximize your potential for referrals, repeat transactions, and cross-selling opportunities.

Consulting Services

Marketing Evaluations, Execution of Branding and Graphic Design. Some companies have big marketing departments, but for those out there who don’t, Catch Fire Marketing has you covered.


Catch Fire Marketing helps you save time and money by consolidating your printing.  We can print: Business cards, flyers, brochures, note cards, letterhead, envelopes, catalog envelopes, posters, notepads, presentation folders, signs, banners, yard signs, trade show booth graphics, vehicle decals and magnets, large format printing, labels, and more. Our production resources including both digital and traditional printing.

Direct Mail

Postcards, Newsletters, Brochures, Lumpy Mail. Staying in touch results in more business and referrals for you. We use both traditional and the latest in variable data printing technology, enabling you to have personalized communications with your clients and prospects. We custom design your mail pieces to ensure it communicates your message and has the exact look and feel you want. Catch Fire Marketing has the experience you need having produced and mailed over one million direct mail marketing pieces.

Promotional Products

With over 800,000 promotional product options, this is one of the few advertising mediums that has had consistent growth during the past ten years. Why? Because it is effective! Small and medium size businesses typically don’t need mass marketing, but rather should engage in targeted marketing campaigns. Promotional marketing items, particularly when use in conjunction with other marketing actives is very effective.

Graphic Design

Logos, Slogos, and Web site design. Ready to update your “look”? Or do you have a new product or company that you need a logo for, whatever your needs our in-house graphics department ensures quality and timely responses for our clients’ projects. Of course, our graphics team is also responsible for the creative work in our direct mail programs and printing projects.


Whether you want a uniform professional look for your staff or want to use corporate wear to promote pride in your business, we offer a wide selection of top brands of clothing and accessories that can be decorated using embroidery or screen printing. Catch Fire has also provided team uniforms and spirit wear to schools, organizations and business sponsored teams.

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