Marketing Your Business with QR Codes

In my last post I shared thoughts about what QR codes are, now I want to take some time to discuss ways to use QR Codes to enhance your sales and marketing.

Remembering that in an over simplified explanation that a QR Code is a link (to contact information, web site or web page) one has to recognize then by its nature individual users of these codes cannot be tracked at this time. There are ways to measure overall use, but not down to a specific user. (This is where text marketing has an advantage…but we’ll save that for another day.)

From a practical standpoint of using a QR code is ideally going to be not smaller than ¾” in size and currently it is printed in black and white. Since the items has to be scan by a smart phone, the surface needs to be flat. (So at least for now, putting a QR Code on a pen or similar item won’t work.) Size does indeed matter with QR Codes. The further away you code is away from the party scanning, the larger the code needs to be. So think of an 18” square on a car to one that is a few feet tall on the side of a building.

Remembering, that you are creating an easy way for people to obtain information about you or your business, then how and when you use QR Codes is really up to your creativity. Having a QR code on a company vehicle is an easy way for someone to obtain information about your business while on the ride or in a parking lot. Having a QR on your building might be an effective way to get people to check on specials you are offering and drive traffic into your business that might not otherwise have stopped in.

A QR code that links to you web site or a specific place in your web site is a great way to easily direct people to information that you want them to see. For instance, say you use a QR Code in a company brochure. You could use QR codes placed in specific locations to guide people to: testimonials, tips/suggestions, price lists, etc.  A QR code on a business card could be used with a link to a video that tells about your company, so now they have your basic information on your business card and an opportunity to learn more with a media that is much more dynamic—video.

QR Codes are also becoming popular on promotional marketing items. Combine the high appeal of promotional marketing items (83% of people report in studies liking receiving promotional marketing products) with the opportunity to link them to more information (e.g. web, video, expanded contact information) and promotional marketing products become super star performers for a business. Finally, a QR code on a key tag (like all the stores give you) enables you to all customers to check their tags regularly for your latest special offers.

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