Marketing for your school, club, PTO/PTA or organization


Marketing for your school, club, PTO/PTA or organization

While there are social controversies surrounding marketing in schools, it is largely due in part that parents and the public tend to think of advertisements for fast food and soda. It is often true that schools will contract one soda company and then exclusively hold that type of soda in the school. However, aside from the soda vending machines, there is an array of marketing materials schools need to properly communicate with students and parents alike. It is important to recognize the ethical obligations surrounding marketing efforts towards children, but remember marketing is also for the parents and community! Sending a magnet to parents with important school dates for the year and the attendance hotline can be very useful and appreciated. What about other printed materials that schools need to properly keep students informed and well educated? Don’t forget about the teachers and administrative staff, they would be happy to receive branded clothing, awards or recognition, or even pens (or pencils!) with the school logo printed on them.

We think a lot about marketing educational media, and what types of media will best communicate the overall message a school needs to convey to it’s students, faculty, staff and the community. It is important for the school, club, PTO/PTA or organization to define what the message they want to convey is. Our marketing consultant will help you make decisions about the best way to spend your budget to achieve your goals and get your message heard. Let’s face it, in today’s economical conditions, all of us are on a budget, but sometimes you don’t realize how little spending can still achieve a big impact. Below is a list of some of the needs schools have for marketing services, all of which Catch Fire can help you with:

  • Brochures / flyers for programs
  • Booklets (from 4-100 pages)
  • Carbonless forms
  • School stores
  • Magnets for all occasions- calendars, team schedules, resources
  • Memo boards- wet or dry erase with your custom design (we like the school schedule)
  • Red Ribbon Week promotion
  • Homecoming banners
  • PTO fund raisers
  • PTO newsletter
  • School newsletters
  • Fundraising for sports teams, clubs or organizations
  • Communication / promotion
  • Teacher recognition
  • Student recognition
  • Parent recognition
  • Embroidered clothing for staff, organizations, teams…
  • Decals / stickers
  • Parking passes

We love to hear your ideas! If you have a unique or creative marketing idea involving schools, clubs, PTO/PTA or other educational organizations, please share with us!

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