Maintaining Top of Mind Awareness: What’s in your lobby?

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Maintaining Top of Mind Awareness-

What is in your lobby/waiting area?


A great marketing opportunity for many businesses is to have company literature in your reception or waiting room. Having a magazine to read is a nice thing at some types of businesses (e.g. hair salon), but for many businesses, the best thing you can make available is company literature.

This literature can be product flyers, company history, press releases, white papers or a print out of your blog or, if you have enough traffic in your office, you might want to specially create a weekly flyer just for your visitors.

Why is talking about your business important? Businesses in many industries study closely what it takes to maximize the safety of their relationship. For instance, banks study this and have found that if you have multiple accounts opened with them, the “security” of the relationship is much stronger than if you just have a single account. In fact, they know the exact probability, based on the types of accounts of you have with them of you leaving or staying with them long-term. While not every industry has studies and data like this available, the concept is nevertheless applicable.

Say you are a doctor–if you are able to provide both preventative treatments (weight loss, healthy life style…) as well as reactive services (when people come when they are sick), you will likely have a stronger relationship with your patients and therefore the likelihood is they will stay with you longer since your relationship is stronger. If you are dentist, you can see your patients two times a year for cleanings and the occasional cavity/filling or you can offer teeth whitening or other services which will bolster your relationship. Restaurants might market catering or party services, accountants might offer QuickBooks training…virtually every business has secondary or tertiary services that they can and should be offering that can strengthen a relationship and add revenues to your business! But don’t forget to market these services! If your customers/clients/patients don’t know about them, they can’t use them.

For most businesses, there is an ongoing struggle to educate our customers and prospects about the full array of products and services that we offer. We tend to focus on and mostly discuss core services, which makes sense at a lot of levels. Having company materials in our reception areas is an opportunity to share information that we might not otherwise discuss with a client. And here is the beautiful thing, if it turns out to be an area  they are interested in, they will likely bring it up at your meeting!


Here are a few ideas for lobby “treats” for maintaining top-of-mind awareness:



Calendars come in many different shapes and styles (wall, desk, desk blotter, magnetic, computer, dry erase boards, wallet cards, and more!) Regardless of the format calendars are still a valuable marketing tool for businesses. If you’d like more information or pricing for calendars give us a call at 303-789-4663.


Lip Balm

I love lip balm as a marketing item. Why, because it is something that people will keep around for months and they’ll likely use it multiple times a day, meaning that they will see your brand dozens of times a week…now that is great top of mind awareness.

The full color, custom labels are great with just your company name and contact information, or you can easily create versions that highlight specific products or services.

Starting at around $0.65 for SPF 15 flavored lip balm…it is a great value considering most stores sell SPF 15 lip balm for around $1.50 a tube.

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