Holiday or Thanksgiving Cards- Which is better?


 Holiday or Thanksgiving Cards- Which is better?

For some people, giving a Christmas or holiday card is a perfect time and opportunity to connect with customers, vendors,  prospects and friends. But for some, giving a Thanksgiving Card provides them with a better marketing solution.

Why is one better than the other? Well first, “better” is a matter of opinion. But if your business is sending out the card, then you are obviously looking for “mindshare” and attention. Think about your business a week or two prior to Thanksgiving. Is the mail box and counter full of other cards? Not likely, so by sending a Thanksgiving card it is possible that your recipient will have a bit more time to spend looking at your card and if they display their cards, your card will be among fewer cards than when the holiday cards start arriving. It will be prominent in time and space. That is why some companies choose to send out Thanksgiving cards instead of holiday cards.

Want a better holiday card solution? Try Catch Fire’s selection of  custom and semi-custom cards. We help clients create an effective card. What is effective? Most often, each client has a different standard or expectation for what they want/need from the card. So that is why all our cards are semi-custom or custom. For some it is making sure that the message is completely PC. For others they want to have a message and design that is tailored to their specifications. Some want their contact information printed on the back of the card so that the recipient can have their information handy, others want only a logo.

Regardless of what you ideal card looks like, you deserve better than the few options offered by a catalog. So if you want to send out Holiday, Thanksgiving, New Years, Birthday, Valentine’s Day cards or cards for any occasion, don’t settle.  And you are probably wondering, “Is this expensive?”  No! We find that our custom card prices are very competitive with the “generic” cards you can purchase from catalogs and store shelves!



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