Holiday Gifts: To Give, or Not To Give, And to Whom?

Holiday Gifts: To Give, or Not To Give, And to Whom?


To give a gift or not give a gift, that is the question.  Or rather, do I have time to figure who’s going to get gifts, and how I’m going to give them?


Whether you should or shouldn’t give gifts is really a part of your overall marketing strategy. Do you want to show appreciation to your clients? While you may not be able to afford to give a gift to every client, do you at least want to make a gesture to your top clients, clients that have referred others to you, and clients that have taken the time to compliment you “publicly” (eg. Social media, web…)?

Is giving a gift a good marketing strategy? Yes, particularly if the gift has some staying power! While food gifts are a good option, particularly when you want the gift to be shared with a team of people, the gift is quickly forgotten once the gift is consumed, and therefore has less marketing value. Out of sight is out of mind. You see the key to marketing success is staying visible. So if you have a comprehensive marketing plan, a food gift can be great, because you have many other elements that give you ongoing visibility. If you don’t have those other elements, then we would be more inclined to direct you to something that will be around for a longer period of time.

Presentation of your gift is important too! While hand delivering gifts is ideal, it might not be practical given the dispersion of your clients and their availability to personally receive your gift. If you can’t give them their present in person, packaging it nicely and including a short note with it is an easy and important touch.

There are literally tens of thousands of gifts that Catch Fire can make available to clients. From delicious food items including Mrs. Fields Cookies, Ghirardelli chocolates, custom etched bottles of wine or spirits, and delicious food towers, to business gift items ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. Give us a call, we can help you select a great gift and we can even help you with the packaging and shipping!


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