Holiday cards- custom or stock?


Holiday cards- custom or stock?

There are certainly a number of opinions on whether stock holiday cards are good enough or should you go with a custom card? Sound expensive…it really isn’t!

What we ask our clients is…If there was no price difference what would you choice be custom or stock? If you could have the back of the card printed with your contact information…would that be your preference? If you could have your logo printed on the card in one or more places would you like that? If you could select or supply the image for the card would that be something you would like?

If the answer is yes to one or more of those questions then you are a great candidate for a custom holiday card! And it is true, in most instances, quantities between 100-1,000 are less expensive that most stock holiday cards. And, yes, you can have your contact information tastefully printed on the back of the card for no extra charge. Logos? No problem, just supply the image in a press quality .jpg or .eps file. And sure, if you want a picture of the team standing around the tree or in front of your building…that can incorporate that photo into the design.

Good Holiday Card Ettiquette

And while having the look and message of the card fit your “style” is important, it is also important that you  take some time show a bit of interest and personalize each card to the recipient. A simply…Dear Bob, goes a long way to showing the recipient that you care enough to address the card to them. Even better, if time permits is a simple one sentence at the bottom of the card…”I hope you have a wonderful holidays!” or “Enjoy the holiday season” or even “Merry Christmas!” goes even further in showing your personal attention.

There is nothing more sterile than receiving a card from a business acquaintance that is fresh from the box, folded and stuffed with not one iota of extra attention giving to it. Candidly, if you don’t have time to “do it right” I’d save the money and do nothing at all!

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