Give to Feel Good, Give to GET Good!

Give to Feel Good, Give to GET Good!

It may seem like a no-brainer that receiving gifts from someone increases your goodwill towards them, but not enough businesses use it as a marketing strategy.  Studies have consistently shown—if you weren’t paying attention to your own experiences receiving and giving gifts—that customers who receive a promotional product consistently express more positive attitudes and feelings towards the company and its people than to those that don’t.  In addition, the perceived quality of the gift directly not only correlated with the recipients’ personal feelings towards the company, but also to how they rated the proficiency and ability of the company’s representatives.  For example, in the PPAI study we cite here, customers who received either a calculator or highlighter rated the proficiency and ability of the sales reps as 34% and 16% higher (respectively) than the customers who received only a letter.  Regarding personal feelings, customers who received calculators scored their feelings 52% higher than the letter only group!

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So what does this mean for your business?  It means that if you give your clients, patients, donors and patrons meaningful gifts, they will be all the more likely to gift you in return with repeat business, raving reviews, and recommendations/referrals.  With over 850,000 promotional products, the gift options are endless!  The chances are, if it is produced at all, it can be personalized.  So get creative, get giving, and start receiving both warm-fuzzies and countless business benefits!

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