Generic Greeting Cards–Fixed!

Custom Greeting Cards

Generic Greeting Cards–Fixed!

Tired of having to try and pick out a card from a catalog? None of the messages just quite right? Wish you could change the design just a little on a card you see? Felt frustrated because you don’t have your contact information printed on the card, so it is still hard for the recipient to contact you? Want your business logo incorporated into the design of the card?

These are all frustrations that our clients have shared with us over the years about sending out cards. We listened and learned what business people want from their custom cards and then starting offering custom and semi-custom cards for clients. Printing a “pretty” card isn’t rocket science–in fact, if a business can’t print “pretty” they should stay home. But creating an effective card, well that is a whole different story. What is effective? Most often, each client has a different standard or expectation for what they want and/or need from the card.  For some it is making sure that the message is completely PC. For others they want to have a message and design that is tailored exactly to their specifications. Some want their contact information printed on the back of the card so that the recipient can have their information handy.  Others want their logo printed on the card.  These are just some reasons all of our cards are semi- or completely custom.

Regardless of what you ideal card looks like, you deserve better than a few options offered by a catalog. So if you want to send out themed Holiday, Thanksgiving, New Years, Birthday, Valentine’s Day cards or custom cards for any other occasions, don’t settle.  “Is this expensive?” you may ask.  The answer is no.  We find that our custom card prices are very competitive with the generic cards you can purchase from catalogs and store shelves! So give us a call to bounce around some ideas. What you find may pleasantly surprise you. Ω



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