End of the Month Product Feature- Flashlights

End of the Month Product Feature- Flashlights


Flashlights are both a convenience and a necessity and as a result having multiple flashlights is common. Think about all the places you have or need a flashlight- car, office, bedside stable, kitchen, key chain/purse, emergency kit.  And let’s face it, when you need a flashlight there is rarely a substitute available, think power outage, searching through a non-well lit area (closet, attic, basement, crawl space, or car), camping/hiking, signaling during an emergency, biking at night, walking at night.

Catch Fire Marketing offers a wide array of flashlights from simple promotional product keychain styles flashlight that can help light a lock/entry to technical and gift quality flashlights can run anywhere from $15-$100+.

What make one flashlight different from another? Probably one of the most important factors when choosing a flashlight is the light output, which is typically measured in Lumens. The light output is a function of the bulb size/type and power source.  Some of the best flashlights will produce as much as 450 lumens or more in high mode, 200-250 lumens in medium mode. Of course like other products, there are brand names that dominate this product category. For instance, Cree brand lightbulbs are highly regarded and are found in high quality flashlights. Also there brands that have developed a reputation for building high quality products- one example of this is Mag-Lite. Catch Fire Marketing offers both Mag-Lite and lights with Cree light bulbs.

There is a tremendous amount of creativity found with flashlight products. From unique shapes and sizes to additional features including magnets and clips to facilitate easy use. There is even great line of “flat” flashlights that facilitate mailing them to your audience and make them convenient to carry in purses or store in your vehicle.

As for gifts, there are good quality flashlights available from a few dollars up to over $100. Mag-Lite is one company that has done a great job in creating high quality packaging for its product making it idea for gift giving. Mag-lite’s imprinted flashlight gift products start at about $14 with a minimum order of just 24 pieces. Of course, higher end products will require even lower quantities, typically you can get these with orders of at least 12.  Another great feature of Mag-lite and some other companies is their bundled offerings. These are gift sets that will include a flashlight and another item- pocket knife, multi-tool, etc. These gift sets include other brand name products like Leatherman multi-tools or Buck or Swiss brand knives or non-brand name knives and tools so that you can have the widest array of price points.

If you would like to see some of these gift sets or examples of the various types of flashlights you can offer your clients and prospects contact us at 303-789-4663 or stop by, we have dozens of examples in our showroom for you to see. Catch Fire Marketing is based in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Our showroom, which we use as a marketing idea center, is open Monday through Friday and is conveniently located for businesses in Greenwood Village, Centennial and Denver.

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