Effectiveness of Promotional Products as an Advertising Medium

Effectiveness of Promotional Products as an Advertising Medium


You have undoubtedly heard promotional marketing products called by some popular, but not necessarily flattering nicknames. One that I hear all the time is “trinkets and trash”.  And while I will admit that there are some “silly” items produces, you must also acknowledge that you have seen and heard equally trashy and worthless advertisements in other forms and mediums including- TV, radio, print, internet, etc.  My point is that there is good and bad advertising and promotion everywhere.

But at the end of the day, are promotional marketing products a good marketing investment? The answer is an unequivocal yes! There have been numerous studies done on promotional marketing products and all essentially show the same thing, most people like getting the products, most people keep the products (for a long time) and most importantly they remember who gave them product and think better of the company having received the product!

Here are some specifics from a study released by Promotional Products Association International:

-85% report doing business with a company after receiving a product from them!
-88% could recall the advertiser on the product they received
-62% could recall the message on the product
-59% report having a more favorable view of the brand
-80% reported having one or more products
-47% of people keep promotional products for a year or more

Why do people like promotional products? The same study showed that people appreciate that promotional products are: useful, attractive, informative, desirable, sentimental and fun. These products appeal to a wide variety of senses, which is part of the reason that people remember them and the message on them!

So if your organization isn’t using promotional products, the simple question you have to ask is why not? This advertising medium is one of the growing segments in marketing, has a proven track record, and candidly has a shelf-life unlike almost any other type of marketing tool. If you would like to learn about how to integrate promotional marketing items in to you marketing strategy please give Steve Bocher at call at 303-789-4663 x11.

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