Does Your Logo Need a Refresh?

Does Your Logo Need a Refresh?

Well designed logos can be timeless; however even the most iconic brand marks have been updated over time. Logos like Ford, McDonalds, or Coca-Cola have all been updated over the years. Perhaps your logo is due for a refresh. Styles for logo design come and go just like any fashion. If your company’s branding looked hip 5 years or more ago, chances are it’s looking dated today.

If you’re considering updating your brand here are a few things to consider.

Does your logo truly embody the personality and values of your company?

Take some time to write down a list of words that best describes your company brand. Share that list with others whose opinion you trust and see if they agree. Then ask them if your current logo communicates those same words. If not, then it’s time for an update.

Do some competitive research.

Take a look at your competitors and their logos. Do you stand out from the crowd? This can be a two edged sword. Too much distinction may mean that your brand message is not aligned with your clients’ expectations. Too little distinction could indicate that you’re just one of the herd; you blend in and that you don’t get noticed.

How much change is really needed?

Companies like Starbucks have changed their logos several times since they were founded. There’s usually a bit of criticism, but that quickly dies down and the new look becomes the norm. You really don’t notice until you see them all together. Consider how much of a change you believe is needed and how much your existing clients will be able to understand. If they see your new logo without any explanation will they still know it’s you?

starbucks-logos comparison

Consider social media, mobile and web usage.

New media has unique visual restrictions that need to be considered. Screen resolution may change; a logo that looks great on your letterhead may be unreadable on a smart phone. The colors that look great in a brochure may turn garish on an old computer monitor.

Are you being too trendy?

Great brands are typically understated, which is precisely why they last so long. The grunge style is on its way out leaving a pile of identities in its wake. The hipster look will go through the same pattern. Bright teal was cool in the 80s for logos, but it still hasn’t quite circled back around to present day. Consider timeless colors over trendy colors, consider classic typefaces over the hippest new thing.

A good designer can help you find that perfect embodiment of your company’s logo even within some of the restrictions mentioned above. If it’s done well, it will stand the test of time and provide excellent service before the next refresh is needed.

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