EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail is a great way to reach a specific neighborhood or zip code with your message. Browse postal routes by neighborhood or zip code, and select your desired routes. You can mail according to commercial, residential, or both! This is the easy way to do a targeted bulk mailing to a specific geographic area without the expense of purchasing a mailing list!

How to Mail EDDM:

  1. Pick your postcard size
  2. Pick your postal routes
  3. Sit back and let Catch Fire do the rest!

The US Postal Service has several postcard sizing options that qualify for EDDM flat mail. These get as large as 9″ x 12″ flyers. Because understanding the USPS mail regulations and paperwork takes time and effort, why not let Catch Fire take care of this for you? Of course, pricing depends on the size of the mail piece, as well as the quantity you choose, and based on the neighborhood postal routes you have chosen. At Catch Fire, we are also experts in designing your EDDM piece, ensuring that it will meet all of the postal regulations and get delivered!

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