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The post below is from a great web designer that Catch Fire Marketing has referred to our clients. While the content was written from a web design standpoint, we concur that less is more when it comes to almost all types of marketing- print or web.

Enjoy this repost…

It appears that we’ve come to a time where “Less is More”. I heard this statement describing the Golden Globe Awards. America is coming to understand priorities, and what is important to our future, and to our happiness. It’s become part of our consciousness. Less is more, meaning we’re more appreciative of what we have and are secure in who we are. The future may be undecided, but we’re ready to go and exceed all expectations.

All this screams for web design to reflect what’s going on in the world around us. Simple design has always been the rage, expect it to continue in the next year: clean color that reflects your organization, simple layout that allows your visitors to experience your products and services, with color added to play on our emotions. Simple graphics and images add depth to the experience. Typography, or playing with the character fonts, give a sense of style and add flair simply without going overboard, building it into how the message is delivered.

Reposted with permission. http://blog.bluezenith.com

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