Clothing Decoration Options- Part 1: Embroidery, Laser Etching & Laser Applique

Clothing Decoration Options- Part 1: Embroidery, Laser Etching & Laser Applique


Embroidery is not the only option when decorating corporate or spirit wear. And even with embroidery, there are ways to give that a “fresh” look instead of just always doing left chest embroidery. While left and right chest are by far the most popular places to embroider, adding embroidery in “non-traditional” areas can add pizazz to your garments. Some of the more alternative embroidery locations include: Back of collar, collar point, cuff or sleeve.

Laser Etching Apparel Decorating

Laser Etching creates different looks on different fabrics. This decorating technique is used on performance fabrics (all polyester) only, as the process uses a laser to “burn” the design onto the garment. Because there needs to be contrast, this decorating technique is best on mid-toned color garments and is not recommended for very light or very dark colors including: black, navy, white, yellow,…. Laser etching can be combined with embroidery or laser applique.

Laser Applique Apparel Decorating

Laser Applique cutting makes creating multicolored applique lettering and design looks quick and easy. Appliques can be mulit-layered giving very elaborate design effects. Of course, combining both with embroidery and laser etching gives extra special embellishments.


Remember, each decorating process has different requirements and minimums.  For instance, embroidery and laser etching can be done affordably on as few as six garments, while reverse and laser applique, laser tech patches, and heat transfer projects require 24 piece minimums. Each process also has different requirements and set-up fees which will be quoted upon request.

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