Clothing 101- Branded Clothing for Maximizing your Exposure

Clothing 101- Branded Clothing for Maximizing your Exposure

Apparel Marketing

Every business should utilize branded clothing to help them promote their business, whether you have service teams going out into the community or a sales force making sales calls, almost every business can benefit from having their logo on shirts, jackets, briefcases or other apparel items.


Special occasions also are opportunities for businesses to use branded clothing to help them gain added exposure. Whether your company has an annual picnic, sponsors company sports teams for employees or participates in community events, company branded clothing can be used to create a sense of team and also give you more exposure. Imagine a sea of “your favorite color” shirts coming up the street during a community fund raising event. Or that same color shirt in a local park during your company picnic or at an amusement park for that matter. Decorated clothing will not only get your group noticed, but will also help your co-workers to find and identify people from your group!


And the other great thing about decorated apparel is that there is something for virtually everyone and every budget. From budget conscious t-shirts to name brand polos there is something for everyone. And don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, maybe t-shirts aren’t for you, but perhaps logoed caps are! Or scarves, mittens, bandanas, headbands, gloves and more, there are literally many thousands of clothing options for you to choose from.


Catch Fire Marketing, located in the Greenwood Village/Centennial/Denver area provides clients with outstanding screen printing and embroidered clothing service. Our showroom has hundreds of garments for clients to see, and of course we have on-line catalogs of thousands of other clothing options at https://catchfiremarketing.com/apparel.

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