Calendars as Marketing Tool

I don’t think I will make a habit of mid-week posts…but I wanted to follow-up my 5/2 post about using calendars in your marketing mix. Below is the finding of a study on calendar usage in the United States and offers some compelling information on why you may want to use calendars as part of your marketing plan…

92% of respondents would keep an advertising calendar given to them
82% report enjoying receiving calendars as complimentary gifts
74% of respondents could remember the name of the company that gave them the calendar
48% report having a more favorable impression of the advertiser after having received the calendar
70% plan to do business with the company that gave them the calendar (48% of these respondents were between 26-45 years of age, and 60% were women.

And if that is not enough…
98% reported looking at the calendar at least one time per day
61% report looking at the calendar between 2-10 times per day
89% of respondents had at least one wall calendar at home
41% had referred somebody else to the company that gave them the calendar

This really is very compelling data and if you combine this with the fact that we have suppliers offering up to 30% discounts on calendars ordered by 6/30…it is something every business should consider. Want to learn more about this…feel free to contact me.

These statistics are from “A Study of Calendar Usage in US Households” conducted by MarketTools Inc.

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