Calendars a Marketer’s Best Friend

If I asked you to put the Catch Fire Marketing logo on the wall next to your desk would you do it? Probably not. What if I offered you $5, $10, even $20 to put my logo up for a year…would you? Still, probably not.

But isn’t that what a wall calendar accomplishes for you? Your logo hangs on the wall in an office or home or sits on a desk or attaches to a computer monitor or key board for an entire year! Studies show that 69% of calendar recipients could name the advertiser on the calendar and 77% describe a calendar as useful, 31% as attractive.

And the great part…a nice wall calendars can start at just over a dollar! You couldn’t pay that business a second ago $5-$20 to put up your logo, but for a bit over a dollar they will do so gladly! And still better, once you have that “real estate” on their wall or desk…they’ll be expecting you to replace it with a new model next year…you’ll “own” that spot for as long as you want.

Savings opportunity! Did you know that most calendar suppliers offer early order discounts? The time for these discounts vary from supplier to supplier, but Catch Fire Marketing’s preferred supplier offers discounts through June 30th. These discounts commit you to an order, but do not require payment until fall! And here’s a cool feature, the calendars are guaranteed for address and phone number accuracy. That means if your business ends up moving or changing phone numbers between your order and the fall your calendars will be reprinted at no additional cost to you. 

So if you don’t have calendars as part of your marketing mix…you should really give it some consideration.

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