Printed Calendar is Still King

Printed Calendar is Still King

Last week we shared some information on calendars with you. Typically, calendar suppliers offer early order discounts through the early part of the summer. These discounts will often save you 20% off the regular pricing. Early order calendars can be shipped to you right away, or held for shipping later in the year. The delayed shipping service is offered free of charge!

There are so many different types of calendars available- wall, desk, pocket, wallet, magnetic and more. There are calendars of varying sizes and shapes…and one of the newer entries is removable decal style calendars. These decal style calendars are becoming more popular because they can be placed in many different locations- on stainless steel refrigerators, inside kitchen cabinets, on filing cabinets and even on computer monitors and laptops.

Below is a short video that shares some recent research on the popularity and effectiveness of calendars. I think you will agree it is quite compelling.

Would you like to see what is being offered in the way of calendars? Catch Fire Marketing is based in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Our showroom, which we use as a marketing idea center, is open Monday through Friday and is conveniently located for businesses in Greenwood Village, Centennial and Denver. We’ve got dozens of calendar examples we would be more than happy to show you.

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