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Embroidery Tips 

Embroidery projects have three components. First you must digitize your logo or artwork. This is what enables the sewing machines to sew your design. Second, you must select your items to embroider and then third we embroidery the garments. Embroidery projects are priced based on the stitch count of what you are sewing and can typically include up to nine colors for no additional charge. A typical left chest embroidery is going to be between 2.5″ and 3.5″ wide and proportionately tall. Digitized logos cannot be changed without editing. There is a fee for edits. So take the time to think through your design before proceeding to digitizing. For the most part, once your design is digitized you can then use it for a wide variety of garments without any extra charges. While you can embroider just a few items at a time, we are seeing many of our embroidery companies starting to charge minimums, meaning that it is more economical to embroider at least 6 items at a time though, while pricey, can embroider even one garment if needed.

One nice thing about embroidery is that a variety of single items can be selected and run together. For the most part, any shirt, jacket, hoodie, bag or accessory can be run together combining for your six piece minimum. The only exception is caps which use different equipment and must be run separately.

Embroidery Tips:

Left and Right Chest A company logo is normally embroidered on the left chest pocket of a dress shirt. Personalization, such as an employee name, is embroidered on the right. Keep designs small enough to fit comfortably in the space provided. Smaller is better, especially on a shirt pocket. (Be aware that as the logo or design is reduced in size, text size will be reduced and may become too small to digitize properly. Re-designing the logo may be necessary to keep text at least 1/4″ to 3/8″ in height so that interior portions of the letters don’t fill in.)
Collar- The left front of the collar presents a stylish opportunity to add a unique design or message on a dress shirt. It is being used by private schools today to embellish children’s uniforms when sweaters and vests can potentially conceal a left chest application.
Yoke/Back of collar- Beneath the collar (in the yoke area) can add variety to design placement. One consideration for this area is to avoid designs that could be irritating for the wearer due to backing included on the inside of the garment. Certain designs that require heavy backing may not be advisable.
CuffA tone-on-tone logo or stylized initials on a shirt cuff can provide another subtle, classy form of corporate identity. To search all our print, marketing and promotional products search by clicking on one of the categories below.

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