Decorating FAQs

Screen Printing FAQs:

  1. Screen printing requires 12 or more pieces. There is a a film and screen charge for each color imprinted (for each location). So multi-color, multi-location jobs for small quantities can get pricey.
  2. Full-color screen printing is available for small runs (less than twelve pieces).

Embroidery FAQs: 

  1. No fine text. Text should be a minimum .25″ height
  2. Small and fine details do not replicate.
  3. There are ways to give a “fresh” look instead of just always doing left chest embroidery. While left and right chest are by far the most popular places to embroider, adding embroidery in “non-traditional” areas can add pizazz to your garments. Some of the more alternative embroidery locations include: Back of collar, collar point, cuff or sleeve.

Other Types of Decorating 

There are many ways to decorate your garments to make them unique. While Screen printing and Embroidery are still widely popular, there are many ways to get creative. Did you know you can print tags with your company logo on to T-Shirts, branding them to your corporate standards? Want a modern look? Try Laser Tech Patches – you can place them almost anywhere on your garment! Here is a list of decorating options we have to offer:

  • Patches Traditional patches made with an embroidery process are a great option because they allow you the freedom to attach to any garment or accessory you want, without having to commit to any specific garment. They also work great as handouts!
  • Laser Appliqué Laser appliqué cutting makes creating multi-colored appliqué lettering and design looks quick and easy. Appliqués can be mulit-layered giving very elaborate design effects. Of course, combining both with embroidery and laser etching gives extra special embellishments.
  • Reverse Appliqué Reverse appliqué is a technique that involves placing a piece of appliqué on the back side of the garment fabric. The design is laser cut into the top layer, in this case the garment. The cut pieces are pulled away to reveal the appliqué underneath. Cotton rib appliqué works best for this technique.
  • Laser Etching Laser etching creates different looks depending on the type of fabric. This decorating technique is used on performance fabrics (all polyester) only as the process uses a laser to “burn” the design onto the garment. Because there needs to be contrast, this decorating technique is best on mid-toned color garments and is not recommended for very light or very dark colors including: black, navy, white, yellow…. Laser etching can be combined with embroidery or laser applique.
  • Laser Tech Patches  Laser Tech patches are a fashion-forward embellishment technique that produces an upscale branding option for jackets and other performance garments. Tech patches have a smooth hand, flex with the garment, and can be designed in a variety of simple shapes. Your name or logo will have a tonal mark on the patch with details as fine as .3mm. Tech patches are available in seven stock colors.
  • Tagless Printed Labels for T-Shirts Customize any garment with your own label print on the inside upper collar area of your shirt.
  • Heat Transfers  Printed heat transfers may be the perfect alternative to screen printing for small-order program runs and multi-color logos. Transfers have a lighter hand and can achieve crisp text at small sizes. We can also produce heat transfers using spot-color or 3M™ Reflective material.
  • Sequin Embroidery Sequin embroidery is a decoration technique that uses sequins to create attractive logo designs. Once a layout is created, it is digitized in a sequin dot format. The design is then created by embroidering sequins directly onto the garment. This decoration option is great on our ladies pieces or caps to create a trendy, eye-catching piece.
  • Direct To Garment Imprint is a method of printing on textiles and garments using specialized or modified inkjet technology. With the use of specialty inks, this process streamlines the process of printing on a garment in a way that feels more like a dye to the touch. This is a great solution for small quantities (as few as 1 can be made with this process), as well as larger runs.
  • Full Sublimation Sublimation literally means the process of changing a solid to a gas while bypassing the liquid phase. Inks vaporize at the right temperature with the right substrate and the quick release allows the ink to be transferred with fine detail and brilliant color. Usually sublimation is very unlikely to fade or wash out. When you feel true sublimation on a substrate, you cannot feel the logo. The ink is dyed directly into the garment.
  • Pop Your Pocket Pop Your Pocket is a new unique design option for t-shirts. Design a unique t-shirt by selecting your body color and then selecting a pocket color. Finish your look with embroidery or screen printing on, over, or under the pocket. Minimums are just 72 pieces. Available in twelves colors on Lightweight 100% cotton t-shirts .
  • Soft-Hand Screen Printing Soft-hand screen printing is a popular technique that produces prints with a washed-down appearance and vintage quality, especially when combined with distressed artwork. To achieve the lighter hand, a soft-based additive is incorporated to the ink mixture and the design is printed without the use of an underlay. Exact color matching cannot be achieved with this process. Supply your own artwork or we have pre-designed name-drop graphics that can be easily customized with a company name or logo.

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