A Case for Thanksgiving Cards


A Case for Thanksgiving Cards

What holiday season card works best? Is there a better strategy? It all depends ultimately on personal preference, which is why we produce Thanksgiving Cards, Holiday Cards (Merry Christmas/Seasons Greetings…) and New Year’s cards. Regardless of your preference, now is the time to start considering which approach you want to take, and whether you want them customized or semi-customized

Why do some people like sending Thanksgiving cards? The biggest reason is that they are far less common. Perhaps you have experienced receiving 5, 10, or even more holiday cards in the mail on the same day. When we receive so many cards in a single day, how much time and attention do you give to them? When the counter starts filling up with cards, how much time do you or your staff spend looking at the cards?

So for some, sending well-wishes that would drown in the mass of other cards doesn’t provide the attention they want. How many times have you received 5 or 10 Thanksgiving cards in the same day? Probably never! That is the case for sending out a Thanksgiving card—they are guaranteed to stand out and therefore the recipient is going to spend more time with the card.

Whether you decide to send out a holiday card or a Thanksgiving card, you deserve more than the sparse options offered from a catalog and you certainly want to have your company name, logo and contact information printed on the back of the card so people can easily contact you. So don’t settle for an off-the-shelf card or one from a catalog that doesn’t offer these customizations. Catch Fire prints thousands of cards for clients each year that are very affordable even in smaller quantities! Call us to learn more about our custom and semi-custom cards at 303-789-4663.


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