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80’s Design Flubber

 80’s Design Flubber


Do you remember what graphics looked like in the 1980’s?

In the 1980’s the rise of computers lead itself towards a new graphic design motif. Suddenly, designers were able to do all kinds of things they didn’t imagine possible – and they seemed to cram all of it together! Did someone kiss your poster with lipstick on? You bet they did! And, was there a checkerboard somewhere in the background? Probably the answer is yes! This graphic wasn’t made in the 1980’s, I just made it based on my love of the visual style. After looking at some snapshots on google after searching “80’s graphic design,” I started recognize things from my childhood – and that is the power of the design. If I can remember something 20+ years later, then you know it was effective advertising. What does your brand look like today? Will it be recognizable 20 years from now? I hope your branding isn’t still stuck in the 80’s like this sketch I made today, but I hope you are willing to think about what you could be doing to set yourself up for brand recognition for your future clients.

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