5 Ways Apparel Does More Than Make You Look Great!

Custom Apparel

Custom Apparel

Having your logo on clothing, whether screen printed or embroidered, isn’t just about looking great. Oh sure, you can put your logo on great high end garments like Brooks Brothers pinpoint cotton shirts,  a Greg Norman, or a Callaway polo, but this isn’t about fashion.  There are, in fact, dozens of clothing lines that don’t cost an arm and a leg still leave you looking sharp.   In all cases, logoed clothing helps raise awareness of your company and brand.  Consider all of the people that will see you or your staff throughout the day- clients, neighbors, random people on the street, as they work, as they travel, even as they stop for lunch! That logo on their clothes promotes your business to a lot of people!  Below are a few specific ways logoed clothing helps your company.

 Customer Peace of Mind

Whether you’re a doctor’s office, church, or plumbing company, if you have team members interacting with people, wearing your company brand provides clients peace of mind; they know that you represent the company they solicited, and that you are accountable enough to your company’s mission to wear its logo with pride.


For other business people, logoed clothing is a management tool.  With company clothing, managers don’t have to deal with creative interpretations of the company dress code.  If you have service teams calling on corporate locations, is it important that they look professional, yet  appropriate for the type of work they are doing–that could mean a polo, twill, scrubs, or even a work shirt with your logo on it.


Logoed clothing is also a great way to provide a sense of team! Does you company have a casual dress Friday? Why not amend policy to be company shirt Fridays! This has two benefits, one of building camaraderie and secondly, it will “dress up” your casual days so that when you have clients or visitor’s to your office they will see everyone in a company branded garment, providing the appearance of cohesiveness and unity.


Imprinted clothing is fun! Whether it is t-shirts for a company sports team or for volunteers serving in the community, clothing can be a great way to build team and awareness of your business at the same time.  Or perhaps you are looking for top level or recreational team uniforms.  Outfitting your team isn’t a problem if you are dealing with a full service vendor.  And great decorating is easy too, from screen printed or twill logos to names and numbers.


Finally, clothing can also be about safety! Having safety rated clothing- including vests, jackets, or shirts is important for increasing your staff’s welfare and reducing your liability. Having safety clothing that is branded makes sense, of course, because of the added marketing value your business will receive.


If you have questions about starting a clothing program for your business or team we’d be happy to guide you!  Click here for our contact information.  If you’ve been thinking about embroidering your logo, but haven’t gotten around to it, now would be the perfect time to take advantage of our special offer!  “Like” us on Facebook to receive a free logo digitization!  Terms and conditions apply.

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