4 Elements to a Good Holiday Card Program


4 Elements to a Good Holiday Card Program

What makes a good Holiday card program? Well, the following four elements of course!

First, send the type of greeting you are comfortable with this first part of an effective seasonal holiday card. Having the choice of saying “Season’s Greetings”, “Merry Christmas”, or “Happy Holidays” is the first step of setting up your program.

Second is having the flexibility to have the message say what you want. Obviously, the sentiment of your card is critical, and while stock cards can have nice messages, they may not convey exactly what you want to say; that is why having the option of a completely custom message is important.

Third, make it personal! Having your brand, staff photo (front or back of the card) and contact information is valuable! Putting names and faces together is something that we all like. And if you have team members that interact with clients but never meet them, a photo on your holiday card is a great way to put a face to your company. Also, consider that we send “personal” cards to friends and family to be intimate and maintain our relationships. But by the very nature of those relationships we know these people can easily reach us. But when we send out cards as a company/business, part of our motivation is to maintain top of mind awareness. For this reason, having our branding and contact information is very important. It can and should be subtle, but we always need to make it easy for the recipient to reach out to us. To think that they have our business card in an easy-to-find spot is not a good assumption.

Fourth, select the right vendor, and all of the above should be easy to complete. Unfortunately, most catalog or website based businesses don’t allow for personal interaction. Thus, the frustration of not getting quality, immediate service leaves you to often compromise and not customize your product the way you would like.

One final tip…don’t forget to sign your cards! Whether you print signatures or hand sign them (it is very difficult to tell the difference) it is important to make that effort. We encourage our clients to add a quick “Dear (recipient),” at the top of the card as an additional personal touch.

At Catch Fire Marketing, our clients are able to plan their cards with our designer so he can give them exactly what you are looking for. There is no hassle or compromise needed. So don’t settle for an off the shelf card or one from a catalog that doesn’t offer these customizations. Catch Fire prints thousands of cards for clients each year that are very affordable even in smaller quantities! Call us to learn more about our custom and semi-custom cards at 303-789-4663.



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