Product Feature: Power Banks

Product Feature: Power Banks


Catch Fire Marketing is actively selling one of the “hot” technology products—power banks. Power banks are external power sources designed to work with cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices. Like with most newer products, suppliers are rapidly making changes and improvements to their products which of course benefits the consumer.

Chargers can be broken down into three categories based on their charging capacity. The entry or economy class chargers have less than 3,000 mAh of capacity. Business class chargers have greater than 3,000 mAh capacity. Chargers with 3,000 mAh or less capacity are well suited to recharging your cell phone (typically 1-2 times). Power banks with larger capacities are designed to charge tablets or multiple devices simultaneously.

Like most products…all power banks are not created equal! In fact, there have already been some recalls of power bank products produced by some suppliers. What are the important issues? To start with, UL Testing or other third party testing is optimal and would give you the best peace of mind that your product has met minimum safety standards. Of course, power banks without testing will be tempting as they will likely be less expensive.  If not tested, be sure you are buying from a top rated supplier. While this doesn’t provide you with any protection, top rated companies don’t want to subject themselves to unnecessary risk or negative publicity and so they are less likely to skimp on quality.

Power banks may look very similar on the outside…but don’t just assume that because two items look the same that they are the same. There are also differences in the quality of batteries being used in the charges and the best chargers also have protective circuitry built around the device.

On a lighter note, we are seeing more creativity with power banks emerging as suppliers are seeing the potential of this market. They are adding flashlights, BlueTooth speakers and other features to power banks to broaden the use and appeal of this product line.

One final note, Apple recently patented its 8 and 30 pin connectors and has been rigorously enforcing its patent. While suppliers have the opportunity to pay to produce and distribute these connectors, many suppliers are opting to just supply a recharge cable and have the consumer connect their device with their own USB cord.

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